Cargo bike

Introducing Whee, the versatile mid-tail cargo bike designed exclusively for Whee's subscription bike service fleet. Drawing upon valuable insights gained from managing their existing bike fleet, we crafted an innovative solution for the next generation of everyday transportation. This robust and dependable bike is meticulously engineered for optimal utility.

With its user-friendly design, Whee offers easy entry, hassle-free load/unloading, and impressive capacity. We reimagined the traditional kickstand, replacing it with a smart lever system that adapts to varying surfaces. This solution ensures stable support, making it effortless to handle the bike even on uneven terrain.

Our focus on efficient manufacturing and repairability was central while developing Whee’s cargo bike. The baggage area, named Bagga, cleverly envelops the rear wheel, eliminating any interference between cargo, passengers and moving components. By doing so, we maximized the utility area creating a practical and innovative cargo bike.