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Anja Mykland
Anja is our general manager. She keeps a good overview of all running projects and is specialized within the field of industrial design methodology. Her education is a combination of Project Management from Emergence School of Leadership and Product Design from Oslo Met and HTW Berlin. Her background has equipped her with skills in project- and process management, project design, design thinking and customer service.
Fredrik Wenstøp
Fredrik enjoys creating good quality surface models. He also has in-depth knowledge about plastic materials and injection molded parts employing compliant mechanisms. In Pivot's first years, Fredrik worked at Snøhetta as a CAD coordinator and designer. Fredrik has a master degree in Industrial Design from AHO, the Oslo School of Architecture and Design.
John Elias Kvam
John Elias comes from a background as a mechanic. He specializes in aesthetics and form merged with real world manufacturability and serviceability, often involving complex assemblies. John Elias has a masters degree in Industrial Design from The Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO).
Frida Owren Claussen
Frida has a background in technical design and modeling, in addition to a passion for creating in the realms of both 3D and 2D. She has an eye for form, and has first hand experience with CNC machining and physical modeling. Frida did her master’s degree at NTNU in Trondheim, in Industrial Design and Engineering.
Kristian Wenstøp
Kristian's skills lie in 3D surface modeling and designing products that are clean and functional. At Pivot, Kristian often works with conceptual design projects as he’s good at seeing the whole picture. His experience from the early days comes from being a designer and robot operator at Snøhetta, like Fredrik. Kristian has a degree in Product Design from HIAK (OsloMet).


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