Happy Norwegian


Mr. Grippy tuning stand

Tuning stands for all types of skis. Including snowboards (yes, they are skis too), split boards, snowskates, snow surfers, surfers, cross country, skating, telemark, rando, slalom, downhill, monoskis and powder skis. Mr.Grippy is fast, compact, versatile, portable and designed to maximize friction during preparation. You can sharpen edges, rinse bases, apply wax, scrape wax, adjust bindings and cut skins. The two units stack on top of each other for stowing or transport. Together with the Ms.Tidy shelf, they create a container for all your prepping equipment.


Customer: Happy Norwegian AS

Year: 2019

Materials: GF-PA30 and EPDM

Dimensions: L 33 x W 26 x H 16.5 cm

Weight: 1.3 kg (pair)

High friction rubber above and below ensures that the skis don't move while you work. For sharpening steel edges, simply orient your ski on its side. Place the thin section towards the tip and tail in the molded groove and push the two stands gently towards each other. This will secure the ski in an upright position. With no extra parts added and nothing to twist or adjust, it is cost effective, durable and easy to use.

A two-shot molding process replaces the need for separate parts. Super grippy EPDM rubber combined with the toughness of glass filled polyamide, give the opportunity to solve all desired functions. Iterations of engineering, prototyping and testing, result in a unibody design that checks all aesthetical and technical requirements. Mr. Grippy is designed for lightness and durability. The monocoque shape is inherently stiff. Carefully placed ribs on the underside and varying wall thickness enhance the weight/strength ratio.

The stacking shape is user friendly, but also delivers high product volume per pallet and reduced CO2 emissions per product. The custom designed and spartan packaging enables this. Instead of the traditional box, it is a simple wrap that lets you touch and feel the product before buying.