Oslo Airport


Contemplation Space

At Oslo International Airport Gardermoen, above gate A10, you find a quiet semi-enclosed pavilion for contemplation, meditation and prayer. The room has a universal and inclusive design to accommodate a broad range of beliefs, practices, and lifestyles. Our responsibility in the project was design for manufacture. We remodeled the concept sketch into a buildable design, staying true to the original architectural concept.

Project metrics

Client: Nordic Office of Architecture

Site: Oslo International AirportĀ 

Projects: Contemplation Space

Year: 2020

The room consists of 200 glulam oak slats, mounted on a concealed steel base underneath the parquet. A sound absorber is fitted at variable angles into grooves in the wooden salts. Bosvik AS manufactured and installed the structure, based on our drawings. Extensive efforts were made to solve practical challenges at the site in order to make the initial concept feasible for production and installation.

In order to match the angle of the beams, the steel connections have a variable angle. The connections are rationalized into 20 different types. Most of the other parts in the pavilion are unique. A construction like this, which follows a repetitive pattern that morphs along a surface, is a perfect setup for using algorithmic design. As long as the basic principles are intact, sweeping changes to the entire model are automatically generated. The live model also spits out parts nested and numbered for CNC marking and cutting.