Real Training


VR-based training set for fire fighters

Real Training AS is a Norwegian technology business focusing on research, development and training using virtual reality. By using virtual reality, fire training can be moved into the meeting room. This way the exercise can be performed anywhere anytime throughout the year, lowering training costs and increasing turnaround. Participants awaiting training are available for regular tasks.

The participant sees the room and experiences the fire through VR glasses, and is able to move around freely. The training happens indoors at their own workplace, extinguishing a virtual fire which is perceived as very realistic.

Pivot has collaborated with Real Training in a couple of series: Series 1 and 2. For Series 1, Real Training needed hardware to merge with their software for a complete training solution. The main focus was system setup, equipment overview, equipment protection, robustness, user immersion, assembly and maintenance.

VR technology moves along fast. We wanted to be able to keep up with the changes in hardware and give Real Training a competitive advantage. We used 3D printing to allow for rapid updates to the parts as new technology arrives to the market. Usually, when large investments are made in tooling using other production methods than 3D printing, it is much harder to justify making changes. Series 1 was a big success resulting in a cooperation agreement between Real Training and Securitas, signed in July 2016.

6 months after the launch of series 1, HTC came out with a tracking solution. The technology on the Series 1 system was highly customized, so by adopting the HTC technology a lot of time was saved in assembly while also improving performance. As 3D printing was already used for Series 1, we were able to turn around a Series 2 with new technology extremely fast. The user needs changed for the Series 2, and the system had to become lighter to allow easy transport. Pivot developed a featherweight tripod system and a liquid weight solution. The result is a weight saving of 10 kg during transport. Pivot produced and delivered the first prototype systems. We also compiled documentation so that the system can be produced at an industrial scale.