Oslo Airport


Roof panels with Nordic

Between 2011 and 2017, we were contracted for two periods as a part of the Nordic Architects design team. In the first period we worked with the precise definition of interior cladding and the master surface model for Terminal 2, at Oslo Airport. In the second period we developed detailed design for manufacture, and helped reduce the amount of unique panels in the ceiling from 23628 shapes into 10 unique shapes. We also worked on different parts of the exterior and the twisting part of the glass facade. A secondary task was the pebble shaped pavilions in the duty free area, and we also did some analysis of water runoff and construction analysis for the exterior.

Terminal 2 increases the passenger handling capacity of the airport. It is 300 meters in length, and houses eleven new gates including restrooms, restaurants and shops. The project incorporates passive-house-level insulation, recycled steel, natural lighting and natural thermal energy sources. There is a relatively large focus on environmental design in this project. Amongst other things, the exterior cladding of the terminal is Swedish oak, and the construction itself is supported by large curved glulam beams.

The delivery was mostly the “as built” parts as STEP files (NURBS geometry), but also a lot of visualizations and concept studies. We also fed the main BIM-model with updated geometry for the ceiling, via a live link between Rhino and Revit.