Water filtering bottle

Vitaloop represents a significant advancement in water filtration technology. Its design seamlessly combines user-friendly features with cutting-edge filtration technology, ensuring access to safe and palatable water even in regions with compromised water quality. At the core of Vitaloop lies an electric pump, which efficiently pulls the entire water volume through a high-density, multi-layered filter within a matter of seconds. This innovative approach guarantees thorough filtration, making the water both safe and refreshing.

One of Vitaloop's distinctive features is its capacity to provide hygienic water for multiple individuals without the need for manual suction, simplifying the process of sharing clean water in various environments.

The inception of Vitaloop began with collaboration between our team and the factory engineering team. Their innovative water filtration technology laid the foundation for our design work. A significant challenge we addressed was perfecting the separation of contaminated and clean water while maintaining the highest standards of hygiene. Through meticulous refinements, we achieved a fool-proof system that ensures the purity of the filtered water.

Pivot's involvement was integral in integrating this groundbreaking technology seamlessly, ensuring ease of use, and creating an aesthetically pleasing design.