Goldfish Configurator



Goldfish Boat is a Norwegian manufacturer of high speed, high performance power boats. Prior to this project, the configurator for Goldfish Boat website was based on bitmap images that we rendered on demand. Because updating renderings is quite work intensive, this “old” configurator was only updated once a year. Creating a new configurator for Goldfish, the main goals was to: 1) Give the Goldfish Boats customers and stakeholders a more streamlined website experience, 2) Optimize the process of purchase both for the customer and for the manufacturer, and 3) Provide reliable and precise data early, so that the logistics of manufacturing are better taken care of.

A full 3D configurator was developed and implemented based on the Shapediver software platform. The platform utilized a WebGL viewer that we can program from within our CAD software, Rhino. The viewer is integrated into the web site, and can send and receive data to the site. Our web development partner Feed AS managed the integration. The configurator has reduced the workload of updating models and options greatly, and it can now be done on the fly. Accurate information and documentation helps both the customer at the critical purchase stage. The system allows for integration with e-commerce solutions so that pricing and currency are easily taken care of. The configurator is now an integrated tool in the manufacturing process of Goldfish Boat. It provides parts specification, colors and other relevant information in real time.

Our main delivery was building suitable 3D geometry of all parts and boat models, programming the configurator for every boat model, and training the manufacturer to be able to make changes.