The Fimbulvetr brand represents a new take on snowshoes that allows better mobility in winter conditions. We developed a range of five different models of different size and carrying capacity. The snow shoes were manufactured locally, in Norway. Local manufacturing gave us the opportunity to control every aspect of quality and to develop our network for injection molding locally.

All Fimbulvetr snowshoes are robust and have few parts. The deck was made as one single piece, and included a compliant hinge. To the deck, the binding is mounted. To accommodate for flat packing, the bindings are flat molded and flexible. When you use the shoe, you tighten the binding, and it will hug your foot. This design concept resulted in reduced tooling cost, as well as shipping volume and thereby shipping costs.

The polymer deck and binding parts were made in the same material, a recyclable thermoplastic elastomer, TPEE - with the brand name Hytrel developed by Dupont. This material is very resilient and can be used in low temperatures.

The crampons were originally developed in stainless steel. Later, an even lighter variant was made from glass filled polyamide. Both variants have a double curved shape that gives an excellent strength/weight ratio. We also developed a novel lace lock system system that holds the shoe firmly and comfortably to the binding.

The design won “Ispo Brand New 2014/2015", "Merket for god design 2014", "Red Dot Award 2014", Ispo Gold Award 2016/2017", “Ispo Eco award 2017/2018”, and the If design award in 2019. The company resulting from the project, Snowmotion AS, was acquired by Rottefella and Bertel O. Steen Defense in 2020. The video at the bottom of the page is made by a team from Ellioth & Winther Film and Siesta. Soundtrack is by Snasen. RC-aerials are shot by Tabb Firchau & Henning Sandström, Freefly Cinema.