Nordic Cab


Multi use bike trailer

Nordic Cab develops multi use bike trailers. Pivot has assisted development, engineering and styling of their model, Urban. The Urban bridges the gap between stroller and bike trailer, ensuring a high performing and comfortable product. It is suitable for various terrains, from cycling in the woods to streets. 

The project results in a 5 in 1 bike trailer, namely one bike with features of: 1) bike trailer, 2) stroller, 3) jogger, 4) sled and 5) wagon. Urban has two independently adjustable seats, 5 point harnesses, disc brakes with parking function, storage for trailer arm and stroller wheels when not in use. It also has watertight zips and two stroller wheels added for stability. 


Weight: 17.5kg with all extras

Dimensions folded (B x L x H) 63 x 88 x 34 cm

Dimensions erected (B x L x H) 79 x 88 x 83 cm

Our first task on this project was to develop styling proposals. We used our methodology to simplify the product in terms of parts and operations. Our main focus was user friendliness and comfort, in terms of ventilation, seat, the interaction with the product and how it affects the passengers. The Urban model features two independent reclining seats. The lead design and engineering was the work of Ulf Tolfsen and Pivot.