Surface effect ship

ESNA specializes in air cushioned catamarans, also called Surface Effect Ships. The ships are used for offshore wind crew transfer, or transfer of equipment to offshore wind farms. Air cushioning makes it possible to move fast and efficiently in rough seas. The base design, the Tern, has a maximum service speed of above 40 knots in calm sea, and transfers personnel safely in above 2 meters significant wave height. These ships consume relatively little fuel per hour because of the smooth travel motion and lessened wet area for the hull.

The main task was to create a design that is functional and rational to manufacture, while reflecting the essence of ESNA's “design language”. From a diagrammatic general arrangement, we modeled a sketch of the boat with all specified requirements. We designed and created full CAD models of the base, and renderings that visualize the new designs. 

Our work resulted in design concepts for two ships: The Tern (40 m) and the Sea Puffin (20 m). Important factors of the design are: 1) Field of vision from the cabin, 2) Orderly work environment on deck, 3) Ergonomic factors like wind shield on deck and movement on deck, 4) Safety, and 5) Rational manufacturing.