Modular sculptures

In conjunction with Louise Bourgeois' exhibition at The National Museum, we developed a set of modular sculptures inspired by Bourgeois' “Personages”. Bourgeois created her Personages sculptures inspired by people she knew. They are abstract, and they vary in size, material and composition. During Bourgeois’ exhibition, The National Museum facilitated workshops where people could make their own Personage sculptures. The visitors were encouraged to think of a family member or a friend and recreate their personality or character traits using an individual pole to stack a variety of valchromat shapes on to, all of which we had designed and produced.

We delivered a total of 35 poles and 485 pieces. Among all the valchromat pieces there were 17 different shapes. The pieces we created were designed to represent different personality types or characteristics: careful/shy, kind/positive, warm, safe/stable, A4/rigid, nervous/fringed, eccentric/flowy, hostile/bristly and explosive/dominant.

All pieces are CNC-milled and prepared in-house by us, at Fellesverkstedet. The parts are made of valchromat and birch, in different blue and grey scale colors and of different thicknesses. The “Personages” project became our second collaboration with The National Museum.