Gaitline is designed to help you achieve a natural gait by supporting your foot's natural movement pattern. The shoes have a unique sole construction that has been developed to balance the foot and provide better stability and interaction throughout the body when standing and walking.

Pivot is a development partner for Gaitline, and has been so for many years. Our work is focused on CAD, design for manufacture, prototyping and materials. We are collaborating tightly with Petter Norbø, Chief Creative Officer at GaitLine AS, and Permafrost Design AS who supply 2D artwork. Recently we have started to focus on sustainability, and experiment with new ways to approach shoe design and production. This research involves direct manufacturing technologies, and a re-think of how shoes are designed and manufactured.

The main delivery is CAD models based on 2D artwork. We also do 3D scanning and modeling of lasts, prototyping and testing. Rendering and animation is also a natural part of the process.