Espresso Machine


Pro espresso machine

The initial brief was to develop a new espresso maker, drawing upon the Nordic aesthetic, that would stand out from the traditional espresso makers with roots in continental Europe. Pivot, working with leading baristas in Oslo, developed a design ready for manufacturing. The result is a focused, functional design enveloping high-end technical components. To accommodate businesses of different sizes, we designed one single and one double portafilter espresso machine.

The shape of the machine is monolithic, resembling a carving from a block of granite, shaped by the elements over the course of time. It is geometrically strict, yet soft. Recessed screws and delicate panel parting lines, add to the serviceability and functional Nordic aesthetic. A slight upwards tilt maintains important ergonomic factors, and adds a sense of floating and lightness to the monolithic slab. Adjustable platforms with memory accommodate for different cup sizes at the push of a finger. The open sides draw the public into the realm of the barista, showing what happens on the other side of the machine.

The project was split into four phases: Conceptual, functional, constructive and design for manufacture. Numerous sketches of shapes were created to review different aesthetic directions. An award winning barista was actively involved throughout the development process, bringing next level performance to professional users.