Professional waffle maker

Waffles are especially popular at kiosks and sporting events in the Nordics. Units are left plugged in and ready for cooking throughout the day. Usually this leads to rapid degradation of the heated surfaces. We outlined a new design to solve these issues, and shortly after went into development where we collaborated closely with the factory team. The iron features thicker die-cast aluminum with a stronger than usual no-stick coating, more powerful heaters enabling quick reheating and automatic sleep. This results in a longer lasting product, with lower power consumption.

Any excess batter will flash out of the waffle shape and onto the generously scaled outer section of the cooking surface. Solidifying before dripping to the countertop, making less of a mess. If not in use, the unit's shape allows for easy storage with its flat surfaces. For larger vendors multiple units can be stacked and stored and transported on top of each other without falling over due to the locating features between the bases and tops.

Strict safety regulations apply in this segment, revolving around shielding heated surfaces and fire safety. A lot of effort went into testing during the development program, resulting in a product exceeding the highest safety standards.