Flat-packable stand

Tufte Wear is a clothing brand focusing on comfortability, durability and sustainability, and they wanted to develop a modular shop stand for presenting their clothes to customers. We developed a flat-packable stand that is easy to mount. That way employees, at their respective shops, can mount it themselves in a short amount of time. The stand also stores the products inside itself, making it easy to fill up each hanger as they are emptied.

The system is flat-packed and requires no advanced assembling skills or tools. It also has accessible and spacious internal storage - a great advantage for stores with limited storage possibilities. Regarding stacking, the products can be stored both horizontally and vertically and the product packaging will not be damaged by the interior of the internal storage. The entire grid accepts a range of tool free attachments to display both products and marketing materials such as posters or mirrors. Now, over 500 units have been produced and are currently used in all Enklere Liv shops.