Pall 2.0


Industrial pall

Drawing inspiration from the original wood pallet, we created a concept for waste reduction at construction sites. The project was initiated by Bærum Kommune as a part of their sustainability strategy. Together with ASAS Architecture we introduced a concept that reevaluates the methods of transporting and storing materials and products, with an emphasis on minimizing or eliminating excessive packaging. Simultaneously, we aimed to create a more adaptable and flexible system, recognizing the role of logistics and storage in waste reduction.

Enter Pall 2.0 - a modular system that ensures secure and weather-resistant storage on construction sites, safeguarding materials from potential damage, vandalism, and theft. Wooden pallets are widely used for transport to construction sites, often meeting their end as discarded waste due to minimal opportunities for reuse. In recent years there has been little development in advancing this particular product category. Therefore we found great potential in developing a better pallet that can be used several times in different scenarios.

Pall 2.0 promotes seamless integration with existing systems, including jack trolleys, trucks and cranes. Its versatile design allows for an upgraded version that combines the functionalities of both a pallet and a container, ensuring enhanced protection and safety during shipping. Moreover, it can be utilized as a traditional pallet. Additionally, Pall 2.0 can be incorporated into a deposit scheme, promoting a sustainable cycle of return and reuse.