The Flyak was invented by Peter Ribe and Einar Rasmussen, who are both world class paddlers. The Flyak is a hydrofoil adaptation to the conventional kayak. It uses twin hydrofoils designed to raise the hull out of the water to increase the speed. On calm water the kayak can achieve a speed of up to 27.2 km/h. This is a roughly 28 % speed increase, that is mainly possible because of the lessened wet area (drag) achieved by lifting the hull out of the water.

The Flyak was commercialized and produced by Nelo in 2006- 2007. The design work for this production model was started in 2005, and was in fact Pivot’s first project. We made the commercial design, class A surface modeling for production, and assisted in developing the extruded foils structural assessments, and steering mechanism. We worked closely with the inventors to achieve a pleasing design ready for production. We delivered CAD files, digital measuring using a digitizer arm (Microscribe), production follow-up and multiple prototype iterations. We also made renderings and marketing material.