Sound barrier (competition)

The Schiphol project was part of a competition we did together with Various Architects and their international team of specialists in construction, landscape design and acoustics. In total, nine companies and twenty-seven individuals contributed to the project. Our team received second place in the business category of the competition. The sound barrier wall illustrated in the pictures is a part of the total delivery that would showcase Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s commitment to innovation and sustainability. At Pivot, we focused mainly on the retractable wall which is a component in the sound barrier wall.

The retractable wall that is a part of the project is estimated to achieve the competition’s required 7 dB sound reduction by combining new materials, sustainable design, and a simple yet remarkable lifting solution. Our contribution was construction sketches, movement studies and descriptions, and visualizations that played an important part of the delivery.

Result: 2nd place, business category.