X9 center console

Goldfish Boat is a Norwegian manufacturer of high speed performance power boats. They make boats to order, for the consumer- and professional markets. Goldfish Boat has been a major client since 2018. Projects range from boat design, online configurators to 3D printed parts for permanent installation. The X9 offers a versatile platform that can be configured for various missions. In this project, our team worked closely with Goldfish to develop the center console for the first of the X-series boats.


Customer: Goldfish Boat AS

Type: Semi professional utility boat

Hull: Rigid inflatable boat

Year: 2018

Seats: 12

LOA: 9.7 meters

Beam: 3.1 meters

Propulsion: Outboard, petrol, 300/900 BHP

Speed: 50 - 82 knots

Ergonomics are top priority on the helm station of any boat. Factors such as visibility, instrument arrangement, integration/position of handles and water runoff are all carefully considered. Weather protection for driver and navigator are balanced with the need for passage when moving along the console sides. Boat design is indeed a balancing act, and the compromises are bigger on a smaller boat.

Being a semi-professional platform, the X9 calls for a modular console design. It can either be fitted with a spoiler style wind deflector, a T-top for sun shade/radar mounting or a Hardtop for more weather protection.

Designing molds for fiber reinforced thermoset production requires attention to parting lines, draft angles and assembly. These are key factors to achieve streamlined production and a good finish.