Hedberg and Moi


Portable sundial

Anna Carin Hedberg and Ebba Moi initiated a project with us in relation to their sundial art installation at Bakås elementary school. To further the sundial concept, they wanted us to design and produce a small scale production of analog and mobile sundial cases which pupils can use to gain a better understanding of how a sundial works. Additionally we delivered a sign describing the art installations, and a box to store the sundial cases. 

Based on specific sundial formulas, a retractable thread is attached to each side of the casing at specific angels. When the sun hits the thread, it will cast a shadow on the numbers engraved in the casing, revealing the time. An integrated compass will tell you where north is - as you have to face north for the sundial to be accurate.

We delivered a total of 15 cases. Each case is designed for pupils to use together in pairs. The design is clean and simple, where only the necessary information and features are enhanced. The black hard cover is SLS printed, and the inside is CNC-milled in-house using yellow valchromat. The yellow color is inspired by the sun, and is also used for the storage box. Text and numbers were engraved using laser machining.