Coffee brewer

SteepShot is a portable coffee brewer that utilizes pressure created by boiling water to brew coffee in less than one minute. SteepShot is ingeniously simple, and was invented by coffee lover Ari Halonen. Our task was to create an attractive product in the market, to solve the engineering tasks of making the product work well and be easy to manufacture. Steepshot was launched on Kickstarter and received 155% funding on the 19th of April, 2018.

Ari Halonen came to Pivot with a functional prototype that consisted of a thermos with a ball valve and spout. We started by testing the ball valve concept and decided to use a screw and o-ring seal system. That way, we would avoid expensive off-the shelf products that were not suited for the specific engineering problem that we were dealing with. We produced the first prototypes in-house using SLA with high temperature resins. The final prototypes were produced in PA11 by using selective laser sintering (SLS). The main delivery was prototypes, CAD for production, a CMF (color/material/finish) specification, and renderings showing the desired visual appearance.