Signal Analysis Lab


Sensor casing

Signal Analysis Lab (SAL) design systems for intelligent machine monitoring. The company specializes in data collection from physical environments, analysis and presentation of data. Their products can, to a large extent, be adapted to integrate with existing systems.

During a short period of time, at the end of 2023, we worked together with SAL developing a production ready casing for their Ampuro PM 0100 sensor. The sensor monitors air quality, gasses and dust in harsh environments.

Design Objectives

Minimize material usage

Good sealing and impact resistance

Simple, intuitive and easy to clean

When we started our collaboration with SAL, they already had a working prototype. Our job was to further develop their prototype, creating an attractive and production efficient product. The process started with a one week sketch phase where we presented a design direction. After that we went ahead with detailed design for a duration of three weeks. We had close contact with SAL during the whole project.

We made an initial 3D printed prototype in-house, to verify the design before it was sent to production. The whole process, from the first meeting to having the finished product in the field, took only five weeks. In addition to the CAD production files, we delivered renderings showing the desired color options. We also gave guidance during materials selection and production.