Nexim MyKit


First-aid kit

MyKit is a first-aid kit specially developed for working professionals, for outdoors and for sports. It can be quickly opened with one hand, and is waterproof even in an industrial washing machine. It is small enough to fit in a pocket and ergonomically shaped with its slightly curved form. The first-aid-kit can resemble a traditional pocket lark in its size and shape. It is made in Norway, manufactured under strict standards and regulations. The founder of Nexim is the talented Bjørn Hovdenakk.

Our goal was to achieve an attractive design with as few parts as possible and with a rational usage of tooling during production. By using a “drawer-principle” and a compliant mechanism for the opening, we could have two parts in the entire product. The opening is very intuitive and can, as mentioned, be done with one hand. MyKit also has a solid sealing which is planar and has a small surface area. This gives a completely even pressure on the entire seal, and makes it easy to have the correct pressure. The hard casing protects the content from water, dust and impact. To design the compliant mechanism, we did some non-linear FEA analysis in our CAD program. It was enjoyable to observe that it worked exactly as in the simulation when we got the final injection molded products.

The main delivery was CAD files for production, a CMF (color/material/finish) specification, and renderings showing the desired visual appearance. MyKit has, in its leisure version: compress bandage, rescue blanket, burn relief gel, mouth-to-mouth mask, self-adhesive band aid, sterile gloves, sterile wound napkins, foldable scissors, tweezers, an alarm whistle, and bandage hooks.