When taking photos of products, it is nearly impossible to match angles and lighting between multiple scenes, colors and models. Traditional photography is costly and has an inherent problem of undesired variability. To solve this problem we programmed all visual aspects in our CAD software. This includes lighting, environment, view angles and color/materials/finish (CMF) specifications. After the program was tested and verified, we produced high quality renderings for the entire line of Kygo products.

Compared to traditional photography, 3D rendering is much more flexible and cost efficient, and results in images of high quality. This is mainly because the lighting of the models can be better controlled, and with 100% repeatability. Modern physically based rendering provides superb environment control, with added ability to further emphasize certain aspects of the pictures with special effects.

We delivered renderings with continuous updates, as changes are made due to design or production needs. The renderings are used in TV commercials, on websites, the product packaging, and in trade shows and other events. We also contributed to the graphics on the packaging, made improvements to the product design and developed CMF (color/material/finish) specifications.