Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems


Digital cutting table

The Kongsberg UltimateTM is a digital cutting table dedicated to high volume multi-batch production in the display- and corrugated industry. With state of the art technology, this machine addresses the unique challenges faced by corrugated converters. Setting the standard in safety, user friendliness and refinement.


Client: Kongsberg Precision Cutting Systems

Product: Kongsberg UltimateTM

Projects: Schematic Design and Detailed Design

Year: 2023

The Schematic Design part of the project focuses on developing a new design language for this product and future Kongsberg PCS equipment. The design objectives were to unclutter and simplify an inherently complex machine, letting elaborate detail elevate the product rather than excessive styling. The motion patterns of the longitudinal and transverse axes are the shape drivers. Resulting in a readable and intuitive product with the best possible user experience. The color scheme and surface treatments underpin the contemporary aesthetic and honest material utilization.

In the Detail Design phase, we worked as an integrated part of the design team at Kongsberg PCS. Their strong focus on sustainability is evident in the final design. Laser cut aluminum replaces the previous high tolerance plastic covers. Fire retardant ABS complies with regulations, but is not easily recyclable. Aluminum on the other hand is infinitely reusable and offers other qualities that we take advantage of. Such as reducing part count by using the aluminum panels structurally and combining them with parts doing other jobs. Designing body panels for sheet metal manufacture enables a true integration with the machine design. Careful placement of screws and panel divisions highlight the machine design instead of covering it up.

The Kongsberg UltimateTM raises the bar for operator safety with the SmartZoneTM. Laser proximity sensors enable a highly accessible machine that you can walk right up to and reach into. It will simply slow down when you approach, and stop before you get too close. Then pick up speed again when you are out of sight. This system replaces the common physical barriers that you find on other makes and provides superior ergonomics.

A set of four machine status lights are deliberately located at the extremities of the Y and X carriages, and on the Operator Station. High visibility light signals increase productivity by telling what the machine is doing. Machine state is readable from a distance and on a potentially crowded shop floor, so operators can have peace of mind or react if needed. Tables with edge lit acrylic wrap around the safety scanners, drawing attention to the moving parts to look out for. When doing maintenance or changing tools, the tables offer useful work space. They also seat the two proximity sensors, and protect them from impact.

The frame covers are easily removable for service. A single horizontal crease line in the panels marks the travel of the X-carriage, and makes the cutting area easier to access. The crease adds stiffness and reduces vibrations. The light gray color together with the status lights, keep the surrounding floor area lit for safety. Materials are chosen for mechanical properties, environmental performance, and end-of-life recyclability. Reducing processes, part sizes and part count translates to a smaller environmental footprint (and increased cutting performance). Compared to liquid paint, powder coated parts reduce VOC emissions and hazardous waste. Recycled grade aluminum is used where possible.