Bocuse d'Or


Decor and take-away box

Bocuse d'Or is a world championship for chefs creating culinary arts. The two day long event takes place in Lyon, France, and is one of the world's most prestigious cooking competitions. Pivot designed the non-edible elements on the podium dish and prepared files for production for Mathew Leong, representing Singapore. In addition to the podium dish, new to the competition in 2021, each team was to prepare a takeaway box with a three course meal. Pivot designed the take away box and prepared files for production.

The podium is inspired by the iconic attractions at Gardens by the bay Supertrees in Singapore. After close study we recreated the tree structure ready for 3D-print. The garnish stands are inspired by the lush forest surrounding the supertrees. The takeaway box is based on layering of laser cut wood. The layers create a dynamic shape while also holding the dishes during transport. The elevation gives a better overview for reviewing the dishes.

Leong's aspiration was to infuse the essence of his homeland into his culinary creation. A close collaboration was therefore important to create the right touch of Singapore - from the inception of the idea through prototyping, production, and the preparations for the upcoming event.