GT stay strong

The charity stay strong releases a frame each year. unfortunately they did get get a sample frame in time for photographs to market the frame. We were asked to 3D model the frame from 2D files and produce renders they could use for advertisement. 


goldfish boat

Pivot have produced hundreds of renders for goldfish boat, together with Goldfish we have created a system to quickly and efficiently represent new models and combinations of their boats. In addition we model the finishing details and elements to make the images look as realistic as possible. Most of the work has been for their configurator, the non render graphics and coding was the work of the guys at Feed

BGKI + florian kosche AS

We created illustrations to help sell the structural concepet for Snøhettas Mekkah metro station. Pivot also built a parametric model for quick flexible generation of the roof structure.





Being part of Fimbulvetr its natural that we produce all visuals of the product to help refine the aesthetics and be able to tweak textures and color combinations. The images are also used in initial marketing content for trade shows before the shoes are produced. 


petter yran & bjørn storbraaten architects

This client required interior visuals for one of their cruise ships. From 2D plans we modelled up the interior and created visuals to help sell the concept.