Solar fuelled boat


Solar fuelled boat

 Solar fuelled ferry

SINTEF, Norway, are leading a collaborative project on solar fuelled electric ferries in Africa and the Middle East to help reach targets for SDG7.
Pivot were asked to design a concept for a solar fuelled ferry and a taxi boat.


Solar Icon

Iconic does not necessarly mean complicated or expensive. Rather it is a trait of something passionate, elaborate and timeless. Iconic structures occur when technology and shape enhance each other. Together they display the state of the art. In our opinion that is what this project is about. The solar powered ferry and taxi should truly be objects of desire, not just curiosity.


Functional design choices

Docking the boat at the front is simpler and faster. The boat only needs to come to a complete stop when it reaches the terminal. At the terminal, it can use its main propulsion system to keep the boat doc- ked and stable. This equates to shorter travel time for the passenger and extended potential docking time for the boat to recharge.


Solar Photon

The taxi boat is a smaller and more agile craft. This vessel may dock at a variety of locations and situations. Therefore the loading arrangement is designed to provide the necessary flexibility. Groups of people can enter and exit using the deployable platform at the stern. This also allows for safe access for seniors and handicapped passengers. For quicker entry and exit of fewer people, steps on both hull sides can be used when the boat is docked longside.