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Fimbulvetr in action

Fimbulvetr makes an appearance in the snowboard feature "Burton presents", Pivot work closely with Burton rider Mikkel Bang to help develop Fimbulvetr,  Check out @ 2.18.  

Fimbulvetr Launch party

Fimbulvetr announced its presence in the world with a launch at MESH. It was  great turn out, thanks to all who showed up. 

Stress test #1

Straight out from production. Snowshoe meets Fiat 500.

Molds complete for P3

Inspecting our new molds at Plasto in Åndalsnes. The molds were made to produce prototype #3 for our snowshoe. 4 different plastics were tested and evaluated. More to come….

Tools finished for p1

We have just finished milling the tools for vacuum forming the first snowshoe prototypes.