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Offical evolute resellers

We now distribute and support evolute tools. This is a powerful  plug in for rhino rationalizes free form geometry for production. Its aimed at the fields of architecture and marine design. You can find it here 

Metro de Donostialdea

Snøhetta wins the San Sebastian Underground Entrances competition! Pivot were contracted to build a parametric model using grasshopper, in addition we fabricate physical models as part of the competition delivery.

Aramco model delivered

This is an installation model of the King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture, that Snøhetta designed for Saudi Aramco. The last of three models of this project we have made with Snøhetta, this model is 1:100 scale.

Terminal 2 Gardemoen

We are excited be working with Narud Stokke Wiig on one of their airport projects: Terminal 2 at Gardermoen International Airport in Oslo. Our primary focus will be the geometry of the roof structure in the terminal building.

Horn Fergeleie

Haugen Zohar Architects won the Norwegian Tourist Road competition for new ferry berth at Horn.  Pivot is working on this project giving special attention to design to fabrication issues. Creating robust parametric geometry and automatic production drawing output has been key to developing the design further.

Dansens Hus

Dansens Hus opens today at Vulkan in Oslo! It currently is Norway’s only performing arts venue devoted solely to the art of dancing. The project is a collaboration between LPO Arkitekter and Snøhetta Arkitekter. Pivot Produktdesign were design consultants for Snøhetta and focused mainly on the foyer and ticket sales situation.

Serpentine Pavilion

Internationally acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson and award-winning Norwegian architect Kjetil Thorsen of the architectural practice Snøhetta, joined forces to create this year’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Pivot was contracted by Snøhetta as part of the design team.