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Offical evolute resellers

We now distribute and support evolute tools. This is a powerful  plug in for rhino rationalizes free form geometry for production. Its aimed at the fields of architecture and marine design. You can find it here 

Landscape analysis model for NRS


We have just been up to Ålesund  to put the finishing touches on the Brazil sub-sea model. The project has been a collaboration between Pivot, Shape AS and lakk tech. 

Tablet case for 7Waves

The tablet case we designed for 7Waves was delivered today, due to low volumes we had it produced using SLS technology and a shock absorbing material. 

INMA Trophies

Pivot have just delivered trophies in time for the INMA performance awards. We used grashopper and SLS to produce unique and free form awards. 

Foil kayak on Rhino 3d

The foilkayak project has been featured on the gallery on the home page of Rhino3d. 

GT Staystrong

We have just 3D modeled and produced visuals for the 2014 Stay Strong “Limited Edition” GT Speed series frame in order to keep on schedule and promote the product.

The Savo S3 is launched today

The Savo S3 office chair is launched today! We have been working on this project for quite some time and it’s exciting to see it finally hit the market. It’s been inspiring working together with chief designer at Savo, Ralph Schmidt, and designer Johan Verde.

Dansens Hus

Dansens Hus opens today at Vulkan in Oslo! It currently is Norway’s only performing arts venue devoted solely to the art of dancing. The project is a collaboration between LPO Arkitekter and Snøhetta Arkitekter. Pivot Produktdesign were design consultants for Snøhetta and focused mainly on the foyer and ticket sales situation.

Serpentine Pavilion

Internationally acclaimed artist Olafur Eliasson and award-winning Norwegian architect Kjetil Thorsen of the architectural practice Snøhetta, joined forces to create this year’s Serpentine Gallery Pavilion. Pivot was contracted by Snøhetta as part of the design team.