Point of sale system for Tufte

We have just been to check out the tool free point of sale system we developed for Tufte wear. Project will be up soon. 


Production samples of new crampons and heel lift have landed

The moment we have eagerly been awaiting has arrived. After extensive design, development and testing we finally have received production samples of the crampons and heel lifters. What makes them special is we have transitioned from metal to thermoplastic. After some brutal in house testing they will do their job well. 


Steepshot funded

Congratulations to Steepshot on getting their coffee brewer funded in under 7 days! Check back soon for more info. You can still support the project here


Goldfish Boat Bullet 28

Goldfish Boat have announced the release of their 28 Bullet! We were involved in the launch images and the file for the build you own. Here you can check out the boat. 


Goldfish Havnepolitiet

Congratulation to Goldfish Boat on their delivery to Oslo Havnepolitiet. We really enjoyed  visualizing the vessel. Here you can see the boat in action. 


VR fire hose unit for Real Training and Securitas

Pivot has developed and delivered the first 6 water hose VR units for Real Training developed in co-operation with Securitas. Real training now have solutions for both extinguisher and water hose. 


Foto: Toralv Østvang


We are exited that we can show the coffee brewer that we have been developing for SteepShot. You can read more about there product here at Trendhunter


Kid space featured on Dezeen

Our managing director in his free time has in collaboration with KOTO cabins, Kirstie Little, Giles Miller and prototypr been involved in developing exclusive play houses for children. The project has been featured on one of the largest design/architecture blogs dezeen. Liam was invovled in early concept development and photography. You can find the project here.


Fimbulvetr Tankr

The ISPO eco achievement award winner Tankr is now available, more information can be found here

New binding for Fimbulvetr snowshoes

In our ambition to create the most sustainable and flexible products possible we have from feedback developed a new binding for the Fimbulvetr snowshoe range. The binding is back compatible and works across the range. We have improved the position and hold of footwear to allow for the extreme variation that's out there. 

Tufte Point of sale

The modular point of sale system we developed and prototyped for Tufte is now in the shops. Its features tool free mounting and in unit storage of merchandise. 


Hello Anja


Pivot is growing and we want to welcome our newest member of the team! Anja is educated project manager from Emergence School of Leadership and has a degree in product design from HiOA. She has lived in Berlin for six months where she studied German and industrial design at HTW Berlin. Her background has given her skills in project design, design thinking, process management and customer service. Anja will be overlooking projects and working closely with clients. You'll find her at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen at the end of the month. 

Revolutionary brewing method

Pivot and Ari Halonen / Arinno AS have started developing a coffee brewer unit with a revolutionary simple brewing method. Stay tuned for more updates!


HD prototyping

Pivot has just updated its prototyping arsenal with a Formlabs Form2 3D printer. This is a compliment to our large format FDM machine. In addition to speeding up our development cycles we are also offering printing services. Take contact if you require high quality parts with short lead times. 

Web page for Brønner & Co DA

We would like to congratulate Brønner & Co DA with their new web page. Not our usual line of work but having designed our own and Brønner asking who Pivot used we took on the job. The image below is a 3D visual that we created due to not finding a image we were happy with. You can check it out here.

Vray 3.0 is here

At Pivot we use the render engine vray, they have just released version 3 and here is our first test, we are very satified with all the improvements. You can obtain vray 3.0 here.