Digital Fabrication

Fabrication direct from 3D data is precise and means we have full control over the outcome, combined with generative 3D tools we are capable of producing a vast range of physical outputs. Below is a small selection of works we have produced.       


Kristian is a trained operator of Snøhetta's 7 axis robotic mill. One application we have used his skills for was for Tuyo design studio on their Salone Satelite exhibition as part of Milan design week. 




As part of a project we worked on with Reemsys Pivot delivered a 1:1 CNC model of an infant Lifeboat. Pivot devloped the product, milled it and finished/painted the model. The model was to be used for physical testing and was a representation of the final manufactured product in terms of boyancy and floatation peramiters. 


3D printing

Pivot have access to a broad range of 3D printers, some we operate our self's and others we have a good relation with the supllier. This means we have a broad understanding of what technology is best for your application and can quickly deliver high quality 3D prints in a vast range of materials and finishes.